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When looking at the crypto business from the outside it quickly become apparent that there were many difficulties and frustrations facing customers looking to sell crypto.
The founders of Vinet have many years combined experience in financial markets and have been able to carry over much of that knowledge and apply it to the crypto environment.
We have built a simple and efficient solution for selling crypto combining unrivalled liquidity with speed of payment.


Our aim is to be a partner you can rely on and with whom you want to build a long-standing relationship. The team at vinetexchange is on a mission to make crypto to naira exchange easy.


Provide financial freedom so that people can sell their crytocurrencies and receive Fiat money without complications, even in countries where having what you have earned through hard work is difficult.


A planet where the human being is freer. We want to be the best in our field and will always react and envolve in order to continue to deliver the kind of customer experience we ourselves would expect to receive.


About Vinetexchange

Vinetexchange is an exchange founded in 2017, and specialized in exchange of digital assets to naira. With deep knowledge of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrecies we help individuals, exchangers and crypto traders to exchange digital assets to naira instantly. We understand the importance of building a secured and safe platform where people like you can exchange digital assets to Fiat which is why we thrive to provide a reliable platform to sell Bitcoin, ethereum, paypal, USDT, Skrill etc.. at a very good rate. Been in the exchange business for years is not the only thing that makes us one of the most trusted and best bitcoin exchange in Nigeria to trade with, but we also provide you with good rates that are very competitively cheap compared to other exchangers in Nigeria.


Dive into the future of better finacial system

We firmly believe that cryptocurrencies are the best, and most relevent thing that has happened to the internet since its inception.

cryptocurrencies and the technology that underlies them, walk with firm steps and without turning back towards a complete change in the concept of money and financial services as we understand them today.
At Vinet we want to be part of that change, thats why we work tirelessly to create solutions that help democratize the use of cryptocurrrencies.

How Vinetexchange works


Who makes vinet

With team experience and versatility in cryptocurrency, we keep growing from strength to strength.